I have a strong desire to make people conscious of the cyclical time of the universe.
- Nancy Holt

Bringing out new approaches to adaptation

Our approach was born from two deep feelings that animate us. On the one hand, we have an immense love for the world, the landscapes and the people who compose it. And on the other hand, a desire for reflection and action to face ongoing changes, which today pushes us to think and build differently. 

In response to the overly catastrophic visions surrounding climate change, which often frighten and give the image of a feared and bleak future, we want to reinvest hope to create a desired future together. We believe it is just as important to inform about the changes at work as it is to awaken the desire for chosen futures. Rather than being subjected to change, we propose a positive outlook that can adapt to current and future developments. 

We think it is essential to regain the desire to project oneself and dream the future. This is why we want to value, share and connect those who reflect, design and experiment with adaptation, in order to bring out new approaches and imagine our future differently. 

Shores as adaptation laboratories

Shores reveal the perpetual movements of time. They embody change and continuous transformation. On these interface landscapes between land and sea, we feel intensely the cycles and evolutions. Everything is mobile and impermanence makes all actions changeables. From then on, shores lead us to imagine flexible and evolving design processes.

Faced with the challenges of climate change, we see adaptation laboratories in these very specific environments. We wish to support the transformation of coastlines at the interface between great environmental sensitivities and ever-increasing anthropogenic pressure. 

Develop a thought of links and resonance

We think it is essential to highlight the link between things: the interrelationship between rivers and the high seas, the interface between land and sea or the complementarity of approaches and uses. It is only by developing this thinking of the link that we will be able to create more flexible and resilient adaptations to ongoing changes. More than sectoral or analytical approaches, adaptation requires an ecosystem understanding, where interdependencies are paramount. 

As a result, the artificial boundaries between disciplines and scale relationships fall. We wish to approach these topics with a systemic approach that can understand ecosystems in interrelationships. This thought of the link and resonances leads us to connect processes from the scientific, technical and social fields. 

We have chosen to develop our approach entitled Klima in four directions: a community, a map of the world highlighting emerging coastal adaptation projects, notebooks to explore selected themes in greater depth, and the possibility of experimenting in our turn.

Community and Climate Collaborations

Our approach is the result of the "Littoral Dynamics" workshops launched in 2018 by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition. It was during these workshops that we began to build a small community of climate actors, coming from different backgrounds and espousing the same desires for reflection and action on the coast.

We do not want to think alone on issues that concern us all, but to reflect and experiment with others. This project is being built in collaboration with members of the climate community in order to carry out joint reflections and actions. We want to encourage their contribution through meetings, data linking, writing articles, sharing experiences around study trips, etc. These collaborations will allow us to enrich and develop our approach.

In addition, we hope that this community will be able to develop, as it develops, into a network of adaptation actors and thinkers that includes other European and global countries. 

 Converging Coastlines Cartography

First of all, our project proposes a large world map on which coastal adaptation projects to climate change will be referenced and linked.

The completion of this mapping will make it possible to identify innovative initiatives in France and around the world, as well as to highlight the diversity of solutions and the emergence of new models. We would like to show projects that highlight new, more flexible adaptation approaches, based on a systemic approach that takes into account changes over time. The map will present both research and experimentation projects, as well as urban and landscape development projects using, in the first instance, ecosystem-based solutions (natural and human).

The map will also connect actors from different backgrounds and create a sharing of experiences and knowledge around the world. We are convinced that the pooling of these projects and experiences can enrich our collective knowledge, but also stimulate the development of new projects and foster the emergence of new approaches to coastal adaptation.

In addition, we have chosen to build this tool on a collaborative model, administered by two permanent editors, but also fed by partnerships in France and abroad. 

Climate Creation Notebooks

With the publication of the notebooks, we wish to give a voice to those who think, test, experiment and create coastal adaptation. As with the map, the notebooks will highlight projects and achievements that unleash the creative spirit to imagine more freely. They will make it possible to deepen the reflections on adaptation by resolutely maintaining a positive vision of the future.

The notebooks can take different forms depending on the focus they propose. These may include reports, interviews, articles, research, etc. Publications may also be accompanied by short video interviews, photo reports or podcasts. Indeed, it seems essential to us to transmit and share in a multitude of forms of communication: the map, notebooks, interviews, podcasts and other forms to come... As for cartography, we wish to open the articles to international contributions, in order to share experiences and cross discourses. 

Search, Design, Contribute

While our main ambition is to highlight and connect emerging projects, we are also driven by the desire to put our ideas into practice. We rely on the cyclical and evolving process of action research to co-create a desired future. It seems essential to us to invent new methods and new forms of work where the process counts as much as the result.

This approach, which is deliberately flexible and evolving, will lead us to constantly adapt our own thinking and continually update our thinking. It is not surprising that by following this evolutionary process, made of multiple adjustments and transformations, we will regularly modify this manifesto, decidedly in motion.

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